We can start off by saying Animorfix Media is a breakthrough state of the art videography and cinematography company that offers breakthrough cut scenes and uses top of the line equipment, but how cliche is that? If you read most websites they all say the same thing and offer similar services. Most company mission statements are full of fancy words that is re-worded from another company, that's why we don't have one. If you're looking for a videography company there's a good chance that all you really care about is their work. With that being said, please go to our videos link above to see samples of our work.


Animorfix Media is a videography service for any occasion. Though, we've only been in business for a little less than a year. We've got a few projects under out belt, and have been seen and acknowledged by The City of Pasadena and EDF Renewable Energy. Though we shoot and edit pretty much anything, we've started working on a few weddings this year. Please contact us for more information about packages we have to offer.


Animorfix Media started off as a group of friends getting together to develop miscellaneous artsy projects. Most of them were ridiculous, but fun. After a few years, some of us picked up photography as a hobby. After a few sessions of shooting stills, we realized that the DSLR cameras we had can shoot video! We started experimenting with some creative video work blending it with some remix work from our DJ friends and there you go... Animorfix Media was born. Through a few video shoots, we started posting them on various social sites to show our friends and through that, people started asking us to shoot their weddings, kid’s birthdays, and other random projects. So with a few video shoots, here we are today.


We have some pretty exciting projects lined up for the future so make sure to check back and often or just “like” us on facebook or follow us on twitter... you know the deal.

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